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>> brian: conservative leader from across the pond. >> steve: have a fantastic day. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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we have good information driving it and given the stakes involved we hope to keep the pressure on as long as we can. the u.s. officials say the threats come from a variety of sources. bill: i'm losing count here, how many strikes in the past few weeks, steve. >> reporter: it's hard to count exactly. they don't give us the exact numbers, but there has been some assessment over there, according to the "wall street journal" there have been at least 20 drone strikes so far this month in the tribal regions of pakistan, that's across the border inside pakistan, the highest monthly toelt in the last six years. the necessity was hammered home during a recent congressional hearing on terror. >> today al-qaida and are in pakistan is at one of its
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weakest points, i would stress that the group has time and time again proven its resill lens and remains a very capable and determined area. >> reporter: the cia doesn't confirm or talk about the strikes, it is no secret it takes place. they say when conditions allow us to act in strict accord with the law we do. that's the bottom line. bill: a good reminder this war is far from over. we've seen the highest number of attacks by drones in pakistan this month. the cia launching at least 20 strikes in areas known to be taliban strongholds. that brings the total number this year to 75. since 2004 the u.s. has carried out more than 170 strikes in northwestern pakistan. those attacks said to be killing 31 al-qaida leaders and more than 1200 taliban militants. phafrt martha. martha: a new global push to ramp up airport security. today u.s. homeland security secretary janet napolitano will address 190 nations that a bigger effort needs to be made
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to keep terrorists from smuggling explosives onto airplanesment this new push is a reaction to december's attempted bombing of an international flight over detroit. we remember the underwear bomber case on christmas day. janet napolitano wants other countries to pick up their security efforts, scanning at vulnerable airports saying that terrorists have figured out where are the good places to go. 6/ bill: let's go to politics now. we are your front row seat to politics. five weeks to the day before the midterm elections. president obama hitting the road in albuquerque, new mexico targeting the republicans pledge to america announced this week. the millions of young voters who have played a key role in putting them in the white house in 2008, wakes up in new mexico, wisconsin, the state of iowa, and virginia. key battleground states that he won in 2008 and the president using backyard chats at one stop at least in the state of iowa.
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a college rally tonight in madison, wisconsin. we'll debate that in moments with our panel coming up here. martha: all right, well speaking of those battleground states we have new fox polls out there that show to the president and his fellow democrats have a pretty tough road ahead at least at this point 35 days out when it comes to holding the key senate seats in particular. the trend is threatening their hold on that chamber. molly is live in washington with more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. let's look at three of the states that are very important to the white house and the democrats in order to keep a majority in the senate. president obama will be in wisconsin at a democratic rally to try to help russ feingold. although he will not be here. our latest poll shows that russ feingold is trailing russ johnson who owns a plastic
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company. feingold has 44%, johnston 52%. feingold is a three-term senator elected in 2004 by an 11 point margin. the president is trying to help him and the first lady will be there campaigning for feingold in october. take a look at what wisconsin voters think about the candidates on the issues. 47% think feingold is too liberal. 45% think johnson is too conservative. feingold 41%, half of voters think johnson is about right on the issues likely helping him at the polls. ken buck is leading michael bennett, 47-43%. that's a state our polling showed was the angriest about how the federal government its work -- is working. 53% want to repeal the president's healthcare law.
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49% of colvoters say they have hurt the state's economy. finally, to president obama's old senate seat in illinois. both candidates have had ethical issues and questions raised about them. the democrat giannoulias40%. kirk leading by 42%. 7% want the green party candidate, legal an jones, and 9% there are undecided. martha. martha: very interesting tphuplts to -- numbers to chew over this morning. all the political developments are at your fingertips. download the new america's elections headquarters eye phone app at or pick it up at the app store which is nearby and you'll have all you need to know. bill: fox news alert intense fighting in the mountains of afghanistan. we have new videotape now.
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it captures a firefight between u.s. forces and the taliban. >> all right samuels -- bill: that dramatic tape taken by an embedded photographer continues for several minutes. the attack happened in marjah. the taliban opened fire on both marines and members of the afghan national army. no u.s. casualties reported. kernel ralph peters with more on winning that what are. martha. martha: there are new reports that a u.s. soldier is being held in iraq in connection with the shooting and killing of two fellow soldiers in fallujah. there is word that he opened fire after an apparent argument. army officials say 20-year-old john carillo of california, and a 26-year-old of connecticut both died from their injuries. that incident remains under
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investigation. bill: we have another story today where there is more violence south of the border, a small town meijer in mexico stoned to bet. apparently the latest victim in that nation's bloody drug war. the bodies were found in a pickup truck near the city of ura -- uruapan. sanchez the fifth mayor killed since august. he was in office less than 12 months. the town's entire police force was fired last year for failing to stop a series of murders and other crimes. last friday we were reporting on another part of mexico where another mayor in that town had been gunned down. in this case a stoning south of the border. martha: a stoning. i mean what an unbelievable -- can you imagine if five mayor in the united states of america had been shot or stoned in the line of their work, it's an incredible story what is going on south of our border.
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there are new details for you folks on that unbelievable delta landing that we showed you at kennedy airport over the weekend. the faa is now saying that this, remember this, heads down, heads down, over and over and over again, it worked though, everybody was okay. we'll tell but a new warning for every plane that is just like this plane. bill: that flight attendant is going to upon up somewhere and she's going to get on tv and say, stay down. brand-new polling numbers show voters do not any the pwhous white house is doing enough that illegal immigration. our next guest tells us why he thinks those in favor of amnesty have blood on their hands. martha: joe biden making a big bleeping deal about the midterms. telling his base to stop whining out there. that's what joe had tow say about that. is he right? we'll find out why he's so fired up.
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party to fight americans until the end. i think you're in new york, mary ann. rich is here as well. rich i'll give you the first crack at this. in two days you've got the vice president saying stop your whining. you have john kerry saying we have an electorate that doesn't always pay attention to what is going on, they are influenced by a simple slogan. there is an article in the rolling stone today that has the president telling his folks to buck up. then he continues to say that we
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can't stand on the side lines at the midterm that is considered inexcusable. there is a common thread that runs through these comments. you have three of the major leading figures in the democratic party who are talking directly to their base in a way that probably bill clinton never would. bill clinton he talked up to people or talked to them at eye level. a lot of these comments sound like they are talking down to people. >> i don't think calling people whiners is the best way to motivate people. and this is really a sign of the political reduction of barack obama. remember in 2008 he had this wide-spread appeal. he was a aoupb fire -- u.n. ifier. now he's reduced to two things, negative against republicans and trying to fire up his own base because he's lost the center, he's lost independence. he really can't even speak to those people any more. it's an amazing political fall.
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bill: are they talking to their people or talking down to them? >> i think the democrat to follow in this one is bill clinton. he gets this race. democrats have to fight to make this a choice. they have to say you can pick the democrat who is fighting for the middle class and small business or the republicans who are fighting for the wealthy in wall street. obviously if you do that you can win. we are already seeing evidence of that, barbara boxer, patti murphy are making exactly that argument and they are ahead in the polls. i think the message to the liberal part of the base is the following, this russ feingold is in trouble in wisconsin because there is a green person on the ballot, you have to say do i want russ feingold to go back -- bill: it's not this patti murray or box pwofpblt are they talking down to people or to them. >> i think bill clinton has the right message here.
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he's the one i would follow. he's been throughee 0 hrebgs cycles like this and been successful. i don't think necessarily what joe biden said was the way to go. i think the way to go is what bill clinton said, make this election a choice. bill: go ahead, rich. >> this you look at the strategy in the middle of the country, washington state and california are very liberal states. look at ohio. they are doing exactly what mary ann is saying to do against john kay sick -- casic who worked on wall straoefplt he is running away with that race for governor in what everyone recognizes as smack-dab the middle of the country geographically and phreut tee. same thing rob portman, they are running against them as a former bush person. that's not working either. bill: you'll see the bit later the results of our latest battleground poll in ohio.
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john casich is ahead. and rob portman is ahead by 12 points. you have to be more like bill clinton and less like joe biden. >> clinton's political success in the 90s came after a horrifying lost in the midterm elections what he accommodated republicans and moved to the center. that's what barack obama has to do to save his presidency. he's going to have to move to the center, be the kind of figure he was in the 2008 campaign and has not been over the last two years. bill: one more point here, mary ann. do you see these three men as picking a fight with their base and if so why. >> they are trying to fire up the base. an awful lot of voters that voted in 2008 we haven't seen yet. for democrats to prevail the way
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obama prevailed and the democrats in 2008 they need to show up and they see that as a way to motivate them h. i think the better way to go is to force voters to pick between the democrats and republicans and make this a choice. bill: that is something that bill clinton would say very well. rich i have to run. >> the young people are disallusioned, they were promised the moon by barack obama, it was all false and hasn't come true. bill: great panel, thanks for coming back. martha what is next. martha: president obama is now weighing in on a subject that is very hot right now, the u.s. education system, and why he and his wife opted out of it for their girls. his surprising answer to that. bill: also we showed you the video union workers at a chrysler plant smoking some plants, smoking pot and guzzling beer on the lunch break. they have plenty of time for beers now and a little something, something else. >> the government spent a lot of money bailing you guys out, and you coming out here on your
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bill: new this morning an update on the chrysler union workers having a little bit more than lunch near detroit. they were drinking beer and smoking pot on the job and they were caught on camera, three for three. >> hey guys, hate to be a buzz kill, but shouldn't you guys be building cars. bill: a buzz kill he says. martha: i love that. bill: 13 of them now out of a job fired for behavior, and two others facing disciplinary action. chrysler says it will not tolerate that kind of behavior on the job. martha: a north korean dick
9:24 am
straighter kim jong-il may be closer to handing his son the top job. he bumped his son kim jong-eun up to a four-star general. what do we know about his son. >> reporter: they are all scratch their he heads. we don't even have new video of him coming out of the party conference today. we are working off old school pictures. what we do know is he is 27 or 28, he is the third oldest son of kim jong-il. one interesting note for our american audience he loves u.s. basketball, a big fan of michael jordan. maybe that is a soft spot we can take over. what we also do know is that he's on his way to the stop. -- top. he's being named as a four-star general, surprised a lot of the team i talked to, a title as large as that, and then another analyst notes that there is a bit of a sense of urgency about all this, maybe indicating that kim jong-il, his father, might
9:25 am
be kicker than we actually think, and might not have too much more time at the top, martha. martha: it's so incredible. i just looked at that picture of his son, this may be the face that we start to see on the world stage when it comes to the face of north korea, and as you point out it's a country we know so little about. don't even have another picture of this young man. what is this reshuffle really mean for this country? >> reporter: that's what we are looking at very hard. of course that is critical. i think because of or despite his youth we won't see too much change in north korea in the coming years. now also named today at this big party conference to a general, kim jong-il sister. his sister is married to the number two in north korea and it's widely thought by the people i'm talking to is that these two people might be running things behind the scenes. they might be mentors, or guardians along with this person. and this person, this younger
9:26 am
version of kim, well he'll be doing his political talk while the people of north korea suffer and suffer hard. martha: that's so true. greg, thank you very much. bill: old school picture. from years ago. martha: no light in that tunnel. bill: before the age of facebook. martha: not there apparently. bill: photo shop it. voters say the white house is not doing enough to keep illegals out. shocking new poll numbers today that may have the white house take another look at the hot button issue. we'll show you that. martha: how about this question, who would vandalize the final resting place of 60 u.s. soldiers who lost their lives during world war ii. it is an unbelievable story sparking outrage. and we're going to take a look at that in just a moment. then there is this question, getting personal about education in america. >> i wanted to know whether or not you think that malilia and
9:27 am
sasha would get the same rigorous education in a d.c. public school compared to the elite private academy they are attending now. martha: what the president said to that and who he blames for the struggling school system in america. hot button issue right after this. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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bill: 9:30 in new york. guess who wants to start a nuclear program. venezuelan president hugo chavez says his government needs a nuclear program. venezuela close ally to iran has defended that country's nuclear ambition. president obama's right hand man possibly leaving the white house this week. rahm emanuel is deciding whether or not to enter the mayor's race in chicago. california is hot. temperatures out west reaching 113 degrees. good day at the beach but little else, setting an all time record in downtown l.a.
9:31 am
forecasters say things will be warm today but not quite as extreme in the american west. 9:30 now. martha. >> either the kids are getting stupider every year or something is wrong with the educational system. >> the children and their education are on the bridge of the titanic and everybody is going to drown. martha: you've probably seen "waiting for superman," shining a bright light in some places in our education system. the president is weighing in admitting our schools are struggling. >> as a father of two delightful and seemingly very bright daughters i wanted to know whether or not you think that malia and sasha would get the same high quality rigorous education in a d.c. public school as compared to the very elite private academy that they are attending now. >> thanks for the question, kelly and i'll be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems
9:32 am
are struggling. martha: all right, there you have it. the ceo from the denver school of science and technology is joining me now. he was awarded $1 million for his charter school from oprah winfrey's angel network. and we have the president of the federation of teachers unions. thank you judge for joining us today. it's a very emotional issue. you can't talk about this without getting worked up about this, because it's important. when you watch "waiting for superman" or elements of it it goes right after the unions, which you represent. what do you think of that? >> i think it's an unfair portrayal. they are making it look as though the only problems are the teachers, and that is not what the problem is in public education today. when we listen to what the president responded about his own daughters. if the public schools in washington d.c. had the same
9:33 am
resources, the same amount of money that the private elite schools have, yes we would be just as successful. martha: is it about money, though, bill? we spend more per stew den in this country than any other developed nation, bill kurtz, so is it about money? >> martha i don't think it's necessarily about money. i think it's about expectation and about quality. and i think every child in this country deserves the opportunity to go to a great school with great teachers, with great principals and i think we in this country have to step up to the reality that every child doesn't have that opportunity today and we need to change that. martha: you know, ted the accusation is that the unions protect bad teachers. we all know the good teachers, we love the good teachers and respect them and we're so glad to have them. but the teachers who are not good and who are protected by tenure is the system that is failing us, no? >> well there are over 3 million
9:34 am
teachers in the united states and we keep talking and using the expression, the bad teachers. the union does not believe that bad teachers should be in the classroom. in fact we have in many places worked with the local school district to provide a system of, one if we support teachers that need help, we give them the resources, and if they are not successful they shouldn't be in the profession. martha: even if they are tenured? you're firing them even if they tenured, allowing them to be fired. >> tenure is not the issue. being treated fairly is the issue, a due process. you can fire tenure *dd teacher. martha: everybody i've talked to on this issue says tenure needs to go or be reformed dramatically if we're ever going to see change in this. bill, what are your thoughts on that? >> martha i believe that all kids deserve a great teacher. i think as adults in this country we do have to make harder decisions around teachers
9:35 am
and around principals and their effectiveness. i think if teachers and principal -rs not effective we do have to remove them. there is no parent in this count throw that wants their child to be in a classroom with an ineffective teacher. we do need to give teachers an opportunity to grow and tkefrblgs i believe in that. we have to work faster and smarter in terms of putting a great teacher in front of every classroom and student in this country. martha: over in new jersey governor cristie is launching a program that would have dramatic changes to tenure. if you felt -- i know you've done well in many respects in your school system in pennsylvania. are you willing to reform or change the tenure system in pennsylvania. >> i think if it's negotiated and a cooperative effort i think that is the way to go. it can't be popped down, it can't be forced upon anyone, but the teachers do want to see successful teachers in the school. and if the process is worked out
9:36 am
fairly then teachers would agree. martha: bill, you've had so much success in denver. what would you say is the one thing that we have to see change in this system to start to see more schools like yours? >> we have to believe that it's possible for all kids to go to college, and to be successful. i think in this country we have a belief that not all kids can accomplish that, or it's too hard, or it's too difficult or we can't expect teachers or schools to get all kids to that goal. and, you know, we at the public schools have sent one hundred percent of our seniors to four year college, from all races, from all economic background. it's possible, i believe in this country we believed it's not possible. we have to change the attitudes of primarily adults in this country that all kids can succeed like we know they can. martha: thank you gentlemen for what you're doing and working towards. we hope we will see change that
9:37 am
creates a system that the president can be very proud of and that isn't a drop out factory as he also referred to yesterday. thank you, gentlemen, good to talk to you both today. >> thank you. >> thank you, martha. bill: all right, elections now, president obama and other top democrats head back to school today hope to fire up young voters and get them back to the polls in novemberment they were a big influence in 08. they may have their work cut out for them. big enthusiasm is among republicans. david, what are you hearing from the young american students that you talked to on campus? >> reporter: bill, a definite shift is now underway, as you mentioned in 2008 barack obama was nothing less than a rock star among young voters, and by that i mean those who were under 30. but there is a shift that is now taking place. take a look over my shoulder here on the campus of penn state
9:38 am
university. outside this building in a few hours time the democrats are going to hold a rally here, the vice president expected to participate. but outside the hall you can see for yourself, the young republican's club are here handing out information, trying to rally students to the republican cause. an interesting statistic here, among those under 30 who voted for john mccain in the last election, 73% saying that they are likely to vote again, but only 62% say who voted for barack obama say that they are likely to vote again. what does that mean? it means that there is far more significant enthusiasm among republicans in the upcoming midterm election. and here at penn state we talked to the college republican chairman who did tell us that there is a spike in membership. >> we've seen almost a 200% increase in attendance at our meetings. we went from roughly 30 active members last year to between 50 and 60 active members this year.
9:39 am
>> reporter: there is a great deal more at stake than the 2008 midterm elections. the ideology and party affiliations that the young students embrace now will likely stay with them later in life. what we're saying is what happens here now could influence what happens in 2012 and beyond. bill: what are republicans doing to rally the youth, though, david lee? >> reporter: i'm sorry, bill i didn't hear your question. bill: what are republicans doing specifically to rally the youth vote? >> reporter: well, the republican college national committee has launched a nation-wide effort that they call operation red november. they have 25 field representatives that have now been deployed in five battleground states. let's take a look now at those five states that they have identified where they are spending most of their money, time and energy. florida, pennsylvania, michigan, ohio and nevada, and these are states where there are key
9:40 am
gubinatorial and/or senate races that are taking place. interestingly, bill, they have also launched their very first television commercial and later today we'll have a chance to take a look at that. bill: david lee miller thanks on campus at penn state university. martha: disturbing new information coming out now about that delta plane that was forced to make an emergency landing in new york. this is a cellphone video that we've been showing you the past two days from a passenger on board that flight, it was going from atlanta. you can hear the flight attendant yelling heads down. it was forced to land on its left wheel and right wing. nobody was hurt. we are learning that the f.a.a. put airlines on notice back in july about a possible problem with the landing gear that affects this type of aircraft. that problem -- unclear if that problem is to blame for the
9:41 am
incident but there is a investigation looking into the incident. bill: they'll figure it out. martha: in the meantime keep your head down. bill: keep your head down 140 times. martha: people respond differently in panic situations. bill: she did her job. something to consider in the immigration debate do voters believe the government urges illegal immigrants to cross the border. martha: visits from other worlds. bill: we are waiting for them. martha: even instances where aliens disabled our nuclear weapons former members of the military, five of them, speaking out about this. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in a experience with markings. >> from a dead stop it shoots off to the east, just like now
9:42 am
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bill: question this morning at 15 minutes before the hour does the federal government encourage illegal immigration. check out the rassmussen survey where they think the practices and policies urge people to enter the country illegally. we have the chairman of the caucus back with us here. >> i think washington knows more about this than they are willing to admit. the fact is you just had the leader of the senate propose amnesty while 72 illegals were slaughtered at the border. you have people that are refusing to implement e-verify to stop the source of illegal immigration, that's the employers. across the board the american people are right. washington refuses to do simple
9:46 am
things like just eliminate the tax deduction for the people that are hiring these people when they show, but stop talking about amnesty. bill: whether it's this administration, the bush administration, the clinton administration there are many that argue that the government has punted on it. if you really want to stop it you build a fence and that's the way you get it done. it may be a very unamerican idea but that's the only one that will be effective. >> i grew up along the border. the fence is treating the symptom. when you here a politician say let's secure the border but doesn't say we've got to secure our workforcess. unless they tell their friends they've got to stop hiring people and stop the left to continue to promise rewards for illegal immigration. as long as the two sides keep trying to profit from illegal immigration, the american people know this is a scam. we spend more in con country in
9:47 am
africa and asia than we worry about our own backyard down in latin america. we don't worry about cracking down on the employers, the politicians who are promising reward for illegal immigration and we don't worry about our own backyard. the stability of latin america is more important to our grandchildren than anything in africa. bill: arizona took action. you know where that debate has gone. americans were asked whether or not the arizona immigration law came to their state. 63% said they'd favor it. 26% are against it. two major things to talk about here. will this come up during a lame-duck session of congress? will democrats make a move on it yes or no. >> i heard them promise that they were going. arizona two years did what needed to be done is require universal application of e-verify something massachusetts is doing. when washington ignores is, en masse mass and arizona agrees on this, but yes they are already talking about and promising not
9:48 am
just the illegals here in the united states they are promising their buddies down south that they are going to reward illegal immigration by slipping through something during the lame-duck session. i think the people will be outraged if that happens. that is the kind of mixed message we have to quit sending. bill: you wrote an article, pretty heavy charge. those who believe in amnesty have blood on their hands in the violence we are seeing south of the border in mexico. back that up. >> i'll back it up. come down and talk to the locals. they are encouraging people to come up with amnesty and jobs, and they are part and parcel, accessories to the crime when the drug cartels won't be able to kill these people and exploit thoepl if it wasn't for this enticement with the politicians with amnesty and the businesses with jobs are encouraging people to leave their homes and risk their lives crossing the border where more people die trying to cross the
9:49 am
border illegally. bill: i understand the point you're making. we'll bring you back and get somebody from the other side and we'll debate this and see whether or not that argument goes anywhere. >> i appreciate that. it's just like people taking drugs are perpetuating the drug violence at the border. the source has to be addressed and we can't walk away from it. bill: brian bilbray out of california. martha: weeks to go until the midterm elections. you have the campaign ads out in full force. surprises surfacing in some of those ads like the north dakota democrat who is talking about how closely he voted with president bush. brit hume joins us on that and on the wisconsin rally as the president and white house try to rally attendance there. bill: a piece of military history not safe from vandals even on the ocean floor. veterans say the phoepls of those lost on board this world war ii ship are now being desecrated. we'll talk to some of the
9:50 am
veterans and get their reactions. 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. for every pink lid you send in, yoplait will donate 10 cents to susan g. komen for the cure. with your help, we've donated $25 million over 12 years. so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time.
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martha: out of mexico, a deadly landslide, we are just learning about this, it just crossed the wires. according to the government there at least 5 to 600 victims in this landslide. it reportedly buried 300 homes in the southwest city early this morning. they are saying it's very tough to get rescue in there because of the bad weather they are having in the southwestern area of mexico. we'll continue to keep you posted on that. a terrible situation unfolding right now in a landslide in mexico. bill: in the state of texas, austin, texas, university of texas reports a gunman is inside the campus library in austin, texas. our local fox affiliate now headed to the scene. more as we get this: an alert
9:54 am
has gone out campus-wide, stay in place, lock your doors. we are in touch with the people in austin. more on that story in a matter of moments. martha: in the meantime outrage after scuba divers discovered that a piece of world war ii history had been vandalized. the u.s. s. yemens was attacked off the coast of observing now wra -- okinawa. with it when it sank were the bodies of 60 american sailors. veterans say to touch this ship on the floor of the ocean is like robbing a grave. unknown thieves have been lieutenanting collectibles from the ship. we have the u.s. service warfare officer. good to have you with us, sir, welcome.
9:55 am
>> my pleasure. martha: what has been taken from the ship? martha: they are still doing an investigation on that, the naval criminal investigative services. we know the ship's plaque was taken, and it's date of commissioning, its name which is always a brass plaque. and i agree with the veterans ao*ps groups the ship's company still has an annual meeting every year and they are rightfully outraged. i think it's important to recall that the battle of okinawa was the final reckoning of world war ii. 1300 united states ships were engaged. my own father fought on board the u.s. s. york town for 96 consecutive days of battle. this is indeed grave robbing. that place is a tomb, the sunken u.s. s. yemens. 60 men could not have a burial.
9:56 am
that is their iron coffin. to disgrace that is like vandalism at arlington cemetery. martha: you're so right, that is a perfect analogy sore what we are seeing unfold here. it's obviously very personal to you and to all of those who are connected to that battle and the ships that are the burial places that are underwater there. do we have any idea who is doing this and how to stop them and how to potentially perhaps get some of these things back to their rightful place? >> well, the investigators are underway. as i said, ncis in company with the japanese maritime safety agent see, i'm sure they'll be checking the dive boats, the charter boats who have gone out here. it's probably souvenir hunters. there is quite a market for memorabilia from world war ii it is so rare. it would take experienced divers, the ship was sung in
9:57 am
only about 140 feet of water. it is probably not the people from okinawa citizens themselves. they have a religious and great respect for ancestors. martha: we thank you for bringing this story to us, it's very important. and thank you for your service. bill: back to the breaking news, on the campus, university of texas, austin and also the fight to hold onto seats in congress is getting nasty out there. democrat alan grayson campaigning for election in florida and the controversial ad that has him in hot water. back in a moment the universe is changing captain too bad these cheap props aren't but la quinta is! la quinta inns and suites? yeah, buddy changing? lets take a gander captain they are changing! they have thousands of new rooms! and lots of neato new lobbies! they're even better than before
9:58 am
book rooms at hey, who's captain here? (laughing) wake up on the bright side at la quinta inns and suites la quinta!
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10:00 am
bill: a "fox news alert," just breaking news now on the campus of university ovf texas, ktvc with a shot of this library where an armed gunman is spotted through the area and moving possibly into the library, an active shooter reported and the university is opened but there is an alert that has gone out to the tens of thousands of students who go to school there, and, the alert is this: stay in place and lock your doors. we're in touch with rhonda weldon the public information officer for the police department on campus, university of texas, there were reports of someone with a gun, at the library, on campus. more on this in a moment here, breaking news on "america's
10:01 am
newsroom." back to austin in a moment. martha: and this "fox news alert," dirty politics in the sunshine state. democratic incumbent congressman alan grayson, no stranger to controversy is facing a challenge right now from daniel webster, he has an ad calling his opponents taliban dan and saying he's anti-woman and goes to his religious beliefs and now the ad is starting a firestorm of controversy. and the white house road to november as we check in on america's election headquarters, scenes like this were really a way of life, during the obama presidential campaign, two short years ago, the president delivering soaring speeches to huge, remember, just how much focus there was on the numbers of people who were showing up to see him all across the country,
10:02 am
this, of course, from the -- november 4th, election night, of course. and, that was the biggest crowd of all which is understandable and now, just weeks before what could be the most crucial midterm election we have seen in years, having a tough time, according to reports out there, filling small areas, small rooms in america's biggest cities. and reports of ticket prices being slashed on seats at a fund-raiser in manhattan and the president putting pressure on the folks who helped get him elected calling on young voters to get out there, again and do their part. >> president barack obama: the point is, though, you cannot sit it out. you cannot suddenly just check in once every ten years or so, on an exciting presidential election, and then not pay attention during big midterm election where we have a real big choice between democrats and republicans. martha: audio there, this is how we start a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. fueling the fire, huh, martha? today the commander-in-chief
10:03 am
heading to wisconsin, and russ feingold, who will not attend the president's rally, telling. martha: striking and mr. obama interviewed for a brand new issue of "rolling stone" magazine as well, this week, essentially blaming the lack of so-called change we need, on extremely partisan politics and he says the atmosphere is so to toxic, impossible to get what he wants to get done, let's bring in brit hume, fox news senior political analyst, welcome. >> thanks, martha. martha: let's start with the issue of the crowds and we have seen the president, trying to rally folks to the wisconsin events tonight and cannot even get russ feingold who he is there to support to show up at this. >> it shows you what -- how the political fortunes, president obama's have declined and senator feingold's have as well and that is why he's in trouble out there and looks like he might lose and it was a telling
10:04 am
comments where he said you cannot turn out for a big, exciting general election and sit out of an important midterm but that what is people do. the turnout an enthusiasm, midterm elections is no, you know, 435 individual house races, a third of the senators, so, it does not generate the kind of enthusiasm you get for presidential elections and, so, the level of apathy is sort of normal, the problem for president obama is he is so -- has so inflamed the opposition and this independents who is the swing vote in america, there is for midterm election a high degree of enthusiasm among those who are eager to vote against him or his party. but, his base is apathetic and i'm saying, martha, it was striking in that interview to hear him tell all of these people who were his supporters, for them to not be out there, in the midterm, inexcusable and you have vice president joe biden telling democrats to stop whining. tolding the electorate is never
10:05 am
known to have been a successful political... martha: bret you touched on something there. there is a feeling of almost a desperate tone to some of what we are hearing and, it kind of flies in the face of what has often generated enthusiasm, among parties and you hear bill clinton for one going at it, saying, look, we need to be specific about the things we have done that are worth touting out there and basically buck up. >> there is an old joke, you know, martha, about advertising campaign for dog food and whether the message for it is right and so forth and someone says what if the dog doesn't like the dog food? well, the problem i think for president obama and the democrats this time is, they've made -- dished up an enormous serving of action and legislative activity and the public doesn't like it and the main thing -- main thing -- the president was elected to do, which was to fix the u.s.
10:06 am
economy, has not happened. and, as far as his base is concerned, of course he's embarked on a war in afghanistan, which, he more or less indicated he'd do during the campaign, his base seemed to overlook that and now he's gone and done it and the base doesn't like that, either and he promised to change the tone in washington. his description of why that has not happened in the rolling stone interview is misleading and the after effects of the recession, which are quite severe and a world his base doesn't like and the tone in washington worse than ever and he's wondering why people are apathetic about the midterm? please. martha: and then, an example we brought up earlier, earl pomeroy, a democrat, who is running in north dakota, is actually running ads that show how closely aligned he was with president bush. i mean, when you -- on, you know, a number of issues, including tax cuts and internet, you know, concerns about what is going on with the internet, the gist of the ad is he's aligning
10:07 am
him self-with president bush and two years ago they couldn't run far enough away from president bush. >> and the president was in a trough of unpopularity and that is not a state that now is disposed in any way towards the democrats and what pomeroy is doing is politically understandable but represents a remarkable turn about from a couple of years ago. martha: let's talk inside the west wing for a moment and the question of rahm emanuel. looks like, i guess it would be a surprise if he decided not to run for mayor of chicago and may be announced as early as friday and are looking at a couple of names who popped up, leon panetta, tom daschle, among those, insiders, into the president's circle. what do you make of all of that? >> i think it will be telling, martha, if rahm emanuel leaves as he is expected to. the person the president selects, this is a president who is going to suffer severe losses in his party and congress.
10:08 am
and, he's going to be faced with an entirely different political landscape than he had when he came in and the question is can he adapt as bill clinton so adroitly did after his loss of the congress in -- party lost the congress in 1994, clinton moved expeditiously and deftly to the center, and governed from the center from then on to the and handily was reelected and so on, we all know the story and the question. martha: can this president, whose politics i think are distinctly to the left, of president clinton's policies, across the scope of his career, can he do the same and will he do the same and the choice of chief of staff will tell us a lot. whether he's going to try to do that. martha: very interesting, and, you are so right, you know, seeing which way he tacks after november will be very telling, about this president, and, the presidency and whether or not we'll see a one-term or two-term perhaps for him, brit, thank you so much. always good to talk about about these things, thank you, brit. >> thanks. bill: back to our breaking news
10:09 am
now, this is austin, texas on the campus of university of texas. you see some reporters and perhaps a campus spokesperson there in the camera. that's okay. put it on screen. we can watch it now, just outside the library, where we got a report a short time ago, ktvc, i don't know who the woman is with glass but might be a campus spokesperson -- >> fired shots that did not hit or injure anyone in the library. he has shot himself. and is now deceased. there are reports of a second suspect, i will have to give a description from command for you, later. we're asking everyone to stay off campus. until we can resolve our second suspect issue. right now, the campus has received an emergency text alert to all faculty, staff and
10:10 am
students, they were told to stay inside, until further notice. our sirens have gone off and we have repeatedly warned people to stay inside, until further notice. >> anything about the... >> i have no information. it is a male. i have no information about the male suspect who shot himself. >> any information about the second suspect. >> no information about the second suspect. but if you guys give me 15 or 20 minutes i'll come back with more information. >> rehash the first part. >> absolutely. shortly after 8:00, the university police department received a report -- reports of an armed suspect, here on campus near the library. i'm told by police that this individual was carrying an automatic weapon. fired it briefly into the library, and did not harm anyone. he had since shot himself and is
10:11 am
now deceased. there are reports of a second suspect, and we're asking everyone to stay off campus, and for the campus to continue to shelter in place. until we are able to confirm or resolve the second suspect issue. >> can you tell me how much activity was going on inside the library at the time of the shooting. >> i have no information, i'm assuming it was business as usual until the armed suspect came in. >> any reports of any threats against anyone at the university. >> no reports to my knowledge. >>... the second suspect? >> i don't have very much information about the second suspect. i'm going to have to break through you guys, and -- break from you guys and find out if we have a description of that individual and i'll get back to you in the next 15 or 20 minutes. >> i just came from command. >> why do you think there is a second suspect. >> we have report and until we resolve that we are interested in the safety of this community.
10:12 am
>> what is the description of the second suspect. >> i will have to break from you to get that. >> can you tell us if he was armed, no reports of that individual being armed. bill: she's excellent. the university of texas, is in good hand with that woman. we don't have a name, but apparently she works for the school and the campus and this is what we know, 8:00, central time an hour and 10 minutes ago, a gunman entered the library, said to be an armed suspect and he's dead and the question is whether or not this was a suicide or is there more to it. you heard her describe a search now for a second suspect. but, no conclusions have been reached on that and they are urging students, to stay off campus, if you are on campus stay in place an lock your doors, a strong warning down there in austin and we'll get back as they find out more, she was great, and we hope they have things resolved in a moment but there are open question down there in austen, now. martha: automatic weapon and fired shots and didn't injure anyone before injuring himself and as bill said we'll wait and
10:13 am
get more information on the unfolding situation in texas and now, a political question for you, as we get back to politics for a moment. do you remember this speech? >> die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly, if you get sick. martha: who could forget it, right? the congressman confined the "die quickly" campaign, why the alan grayson campaign ad is raising a lot of eyebrows. bill: and president obama ordering 30,000 troops to join the fight in afghanistan and we have incredible images from the scene as the last units arrive for battle. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
10:14 am
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10:16 am
martha: 337 -- 37 days to the midterm bring on the mud time
10:17 am
and, florida democratic congressman alan grayson who has a history of making controversial comments, i might add, labelling his opponent, here's one for you, "taliban dan" in a new political ad, critics say that he is taking parts of a speech by republican daniel webster, out of context and here's what daniel webster, you can see for yourself, folks, what he said at this christian event in the summer of 2009: >> so, write a journal, second, find a verse. and, a verse for my wife, i have verses for my wife, don't pick the ones that say she schmidt to me. that is in the bible, but, pick the ones that you are supposed to do. so, instead, love your wife, even as christ loved the church and gave himself for it, and, as opposed to wives, submit yourself to your own husband,
10:18 am
she can pray that if she wants to, but don't you pray it, same with your children, pick out the ones with your responsibility listed into it, children are told to obey their parent but more importantly, we as fathers are to not provoke them to wrath. martha: all right, you see the full sort of sentiment that was expressed there. by daniel webster and here's how he used the event in his latest ad. >> wives, submit yourself to your own husband. >> daniel webster wants to impose his fundamentalism on us. >> she schmidt to me. >> he denied medical care. >> submit to me. >> high wants to force raped women to bear the child. >> submit to me. martha: well now both campaigns have just given us new reaction to the controversy. doug shone is a former clinton pollster and fox news contributor. doug, you know, it gets ugly out there, and there is always stuff both sides look at and say, do
10:19 am
we wish we hadn't gone there, and what do you make of this particular use of this ad. >> this, to me, martha is way over the line. for grace son to call his opponent "taliban dan" and mischaracterize his view of the role of women and how they should act and behave in life is outrageous, and, if he wanted to draw contrast on the issue of choice an abortion that is fine and well within the bounds of normalcy and decency and logic but this is way over the line, martha. martha: it is interesting, the alan grayson campaign says the webster campaign has not refuted anything in the ad. why would that be. >> i think they look at this and see it as so far beyond the pale, their best reaction is to leave it alone and let voters draw their own conclusion. martha: and they think it will serve them and if you put together a lot of his comments, including the republicans want you to die quickly comment we looked at, he has a history of
10:20 am
making these statements and as a political strategist is that what you do, back away from it and say, look, that is... >> what you learn as a political strategist is voters don't react well to outrageous lies and if you make a credible argument they'll listen and if you lie outrageously, and stretch the truth, it doesn't work. back fires. martha: has anyone in the democratic national committees, call him and say, look, you know, this is a little bit too far. bill: in an ideal world they would and should and with every democrat fighting for their lives nobody will call anyone on the carpet, because the democratic campaign that fall is entirely negative. so, they will leave it alone, too. >> all right, it is interesting to watch, and, we'll be watching a number of different things frol from democrats and republicans as they surface over the course of the next few weeks, but, you know, it is really, egregious. >> absolutely egregious. martha: on his part and interesting to take a look at it. thank you so much.
10:21 am
>> martha, thank you. martha: and, the next... >> thank you. thank you. bill: back to our breaking news, if you are joining us now, there has been a shooting on the campus of the university of texas. the main campus in austin and this is what we know according to rhonda weldon the public information officer down there, 8:00 a.m. local time, an hour, 21 minutes ago an armed suspect entered the library and opened fire either on himself or directed towards others, that is not concluded but we know that person is dead, most likely from a suicide. here's where it gets interesting, as you look at the have you videotape of of boston, there is a second suspect in something police cannot answer. and that is why you see the s.w.a.t. team in, moving in with the large vehicle. off loading, off the back of a truck there, on the campus of austin, texas and this is the perry castanato library and runs
10:22 am
at least 6 stories tall and the person dead was on the 6th floor. there has been an alert that has gone out to all students in campus, stay in place and lock your doors. we are waiting for rhonda weldon to come back to the cameras, there were a lot of question she was not able to answer, because the story has not concluded itself and police are seeking a possible second suspect, a large campus, tens of thousands of students and looks like an otherwise beautiful day in central texas. we'll watch the picture here and try and learn what we can from local police down there and also, from the folks moving their way through the library now and we are told police went through the library trying to find whether or not there was another person involved and ultimately what sparked the rage, the gunfire, on the campus of the university of texas. we're back on the story in a moment, breaking news in "america's newsroom." we'll fill you in, in moments, 23 past, martha. >> let's bring this to you now,
10:23 am
the effort to legalize marijuana in california is supported by the n.a.a.c.p. and the unions and one group is fighting the ballot measure and it is creating quite a buzz, claudia cowan with more, from san francisco, the beer industry, interestingly enough is fighting proposition 19? >> reporter: that's right, martha and you talk about the buzz and now we have the brew people involved, the california beer and beverage distributors association. donated $10,000 toward the -- defeating proposition 19 which is the california november ballot measure designed to legalize recreational pot use for adults 21 and over and the alcohol trade group is concerned if the measure passes employers will be prevented from drug testing their workers for pot. saying in a statement, this would allow a california beer distributor's drivers to operate hundreds of big rig trucks and trailers on california highways, every day, exposing the motoring public to potential harm. the group adds that doing away
10:24 am
with drug testing will also make it harder for their transportation businesses, to get liability insurance. martha. martha: interesting, what do opponents of the legalization have to say about this. >> reporter: they argue getting high is far less dangerous than getting drunk, especially on america's roads, and government figures show in 2008 nearly 12,000 people were killed as a result of dui related accidents and smoking pot may impair driving but, martha the federal government does not keep statistics on how many accidents are caused by smokers who are driving around stoned, and the campaign says that is because the number is so small and they suggest the beer sellers in california are really werorried about computation, and legalize marijuana will cut into the alcohol profits. martha: claudia cowan out of san francisco. bill: we have more information,
10:25 am
new images coming in from the library in the campus of university of texas, one of america's largest campuses, back in a moment after the break. also, after the break we have brand new fox polling numbers, from several battle ground states, who is up and who is down and what the numbers tell us, what americans are thinking 35 days away, hot, new and next here on "america's newsroom." martha: and the race for california governor is getting ugly fast, folks. a new attack ad that has a lot of people talking there.
10:26 am
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10:29 am
police are looking for the possibility of a second suspect, and that has not been confirmed but they are not writing it off, either. rhonda weldon, who was on tv 20 minutes ago said it happened, on the 6th floor of the library and the man with the automatic weapon opened fired in the library, no shots were fired outside and he subsequently shot himself and he is deceased and also says we are asking everyone to stay away from the campus and investigators are trying to figure out and determine what sparked the gunfire and the big issue is, is there a second gunman and if there is, where do you find the person, in the the library or somewhere else on campus and that is a big school. martha: and she said i need 15 minutes and that was 8 or 9 minutes ago to get back to you on the second suspect, and they were gathering more information and their utmost concern, obviously is for the safety of those, she said they were urging everybody to continue to stay away, and, we don't know about the second person, and that is what we are waiting for more
10:30 am
information on and why they are hunkered down there and we are hearing on local tv there, from a witness, and, as soon as we get that witness account, we'll get that on the air in short order. bill: ktvc is our affiliate, onscene there in austin and you saw the truck drive away and that was part of the local s.w.a.t. team now responding and en route to the library and you mentioned the witness waiting, rhonda weldon will come back and, is our best source of information and looks like a student now on camera, what did he see? let's listen. >> a guy is on campus and we should evacuate the campus and it happened before -- >> you me, you received a text message before somebody is on campus with a weapon. >> correct. bill: and when you came to campus you said, what? >> i -- what did i say. >>y you a all of the authorities here and obviously you knew it was serious. >> definitely serious. >> what did you think when you
10:31 am
finally realized it was serious... >> unfortunately... for something like that to happen is tragic. >> have you talked to any of your other fellow students and what they are doing, right now. >> i just got a text from all of my friends and everybody is warning everybody, just in case you don't get the ut text messages. >> how important is it with the technology these days to stay in touch with your cell phone and social media. >> it is very important. i know people that don't have the text messages and don't have any idea what is going on and the campus is completely oblivious to what is going on. >> what are your friends saying about this today? >> they are all scared, really. >> what are your plans now? >> i just... i guess i'll go home. >> you think that you will talk to your family? i know a lot of times in these circumstances... a lot of people come from out of state... bill: an offshoots of what is happening to the tragedy of virginia tech, three years ago
10:32 am
and you see it played out on campuses all over the country and you have an emergency alert system in place that notifies students like the gentleman here, pcl, by the way, on the map stands for the perry castanata library, smack-dab in the middle of campus. ut, in austin. martha: and we are waiting for more information on what happened when the gunman went into the library and the earlier reports we heard from the spokesperson for the university of texas, said he fired shots in the the library and whether or not it was his intention to hurt other students and then to harm himself, we don't know but that is part of the story that is still playing out. and, whether or not he was with somebody else, is one of the big factors that is causing a lot of concern. obviously, still on campus, and the students, for the students and the administration and the parents of all of those students as well. bill: you hope it is over but it may not be, and it is unfortunate, you hope it was only a suicide in the end. and there is not a second gunman on campus, wherever the gunman
10:33 am
may or may not be. so that is the effort down there in the university of texas campus, a morning no one expected when they woke up earlier today, ocean-blue texas skies, interrupted by gunfire, and, they are looking for a second gunman, and another gunman, apparently a suicide, details when we get them here. martha: and a situation of a landslide in mexico, they believe has taken 500 to 600 people, hundreds are feared dead and they don't have a firm handle on the number, 300 houses they said slid in this landslide, the result of bad weather there, which is also hampering the rescue efforts on location, and we're going to continue to keep a close eye on that unfolding situation, as soon as we get pictures, video from that scene, we'll bring it to you as well. for a moment, lost in translation? or a political hit job?
10:34 am
a new spanish language ad for the -- from the group working californians is claiming the g.o.p. candidate for california governor is saying -- says one thing in spanish and another when she speaks in english, adam housely is checking that out in a tight an interesting race going on in california. adam? >> reporter: martha, spanish radio advertisers say, and television advertisements during the political season is nothing new in california and has been going on 15, 20 years since pete wilson was governor in early to mid '90s and some people say it has taken a full step here and we have the ad and we can show you, between meg whitman and jerry brown and meg whitman the former ceo of ebay and jerry brown the former governor of california and former mayor of oakland and the current attorney general and, the group is working californians, a coalition of unions that are putting money up against meg whitman and says in part, quote, whitman says one thing in spanish and then she says the
10:35 am
opposite when she speaks english and the real whitman doesn't have any shame, she's a woman with two faces. we talked to seiu about the advertisement and whether it has gone too far and here's what they had to say. >> it becomes even more important for organizations and coalitions like ours, to really go after the latino community and say, look, there is a significant difference between both candidates and there is a jobs issue here, there is a tax issue, and, there is an immigration issue here, that you care about, and here are the differences... >> reporter: so seiu is not backing down and they believe the advertisement is fair and they'll keep going with the campaign to battle meg whitman's money as they say. martha. martha: she's put a lot of it, into that campaign and what is her side saying? >> well, the whitman side said hold on, the unions are putting in a lot of money against us and it's not jerry brown's money but it is going in favor of jerry brown and they believe the ad is absolutely unfair, listen to their response. >> it's not surprising the
10:36 am
unions go out and have the misleading ads, they have hair gubernatorial candidate, who has a record, four year record of failure and what else will they talk about? and so, we're going to go out there and continue to run or campaign. they are going to continue to go out there and try and mischaracterize meg whitman and her record. >> reporter: martha, as you alluded to the numbers in california are extremely close between the two, the one area where whitman is beaten handily is the hispanic population and they are trying to make changes and they have a lot of offices opened up and will be interesting to see how the advertisements go, going forward if they change in tone, martha. martha: looks like they are going to the heart of vulnerable areas, adam, thank you very much, adam housely on a beautiful morning there. in california. bill: politics again, and just into "america's newsroom," brand new fox polling on some key senate races and these are the ones to watch, larry sabato, director of the center for politics at the university of virginia and runs his own web site, crystal ball, how are you doing, professor and good morning to you. >> great, bill, thanks. bill: i want to start in the
10:37 am
heart of it all, ohio, battle ground, ohio, economic issues are huge and now the republican, rob portman is crush lee fisher by 13 points, 50 to 37%, a state in 2008 and 2006 went overwhelmingly for democrats, what gives, larry? >> a swing state. and tells you which way this election is moving, nationally, bill, privately, even democrats admit that this race is probably over. democrats are not going to be spending a lot of money. the national democrats at least, for fisher, i think portland will win pretty handily. bill: wow, 54% of ohioans disapprove of the performance of barack obama and that has a lot to do with it, too, wisconsin, russ feingold is not catching the republican, ron johnson and has been in the senate for years and what happens there, professor? >> this is one of the great shocks of the general election.
10:38 am
i don't think when the cycle began many people thought that feingold was vulnerable and he's obviously very vulnerable. this is the fourth poll that i have seen with russ feingold losing beyond the margin of error, so, ron johnson, who is a tea party candidate, who is a self-funder, is catching a republican wave in wisconsin and, it is a wave, obama's popularity is low there, and the incumbent democratic governor doyle is very unpopular and i think that is having an effect as well. bill: hence the reason why the president is headed there this week, two quick ones, washington state, this is an -- wasn't even a race 6 months ago and you have rossi head-to-head with patty murray in the pacific northwest. carl cameron reported on that, just yesterday. state of illinois, this is the former seat of president obama, and, the state of illinois, this is one republicans would love to win, but, they are dead even. giannoulias and kirk are dead
10:39 am
even, and, it is too close to call and this is the president's home state. and we find it in our polling, 46% disapprove of the job he is doing, what is going on, in the land of lincoln? >> well, look at that percentage for the green candidate, that tells you something, right there, 7% for the green candidate and i have seen other polls in the low double digits, for the green candidate and essentially the green candidate i think is absorbing some of the votes, people who don't like either candidate, but it is disproportionately hurting the democrats. look, if the republicans can win illinois and they are ahead now in both the governorship and slightly ahead in the senate seat, again that is a strong indicator for what is going to happen, november 2nd. bill: we will watch that, one more to note here, colorado, mike bennett is the democrat. and he's face-to-face with ken buck the republican, buck is up 4 points in our polling and kol readily was targeted in 2008,
10:40 am
the dnc convention and the speech by barack obama, and 49% in colorado and 24 months later, to say obama policies have hurt the economy out there. we are seeing that ripple across the country, it seems like the theme is consistent in colorado, too. >> it is. and, you know, bill that is a purple state. neither red nor blue, competitive, and that is a pretty good indicator as well, ken buck who also is a tea party candidate, is winning narrowly in that senate contest and, again i have seen multiple polls that reflect what your new poll is suggesting. so, we are giving him a slight edge for the senate seat. bill: thanks for coming in, good to have you, your web site again is... >>, and click on the crystal ball. bill: i remember -- i'll remember that, one of these days, thanks for your comment. >> that's all right. bill: thanks for your forgiveness, for the latest on the polling, go to our web site,
10:41 am, it is all there, posted on-line, right now and is brand new and it is fresh and waiting for you. at our web site. martha. martha: you know the final deployment of u.s. troops is arriving in afghanistan, brand new video, incredible pictures we are seeing now from the battlefield, that put you on the front lines, and just ahead... bill: also this guy may have said it the best. listen: >> i worked all over the world and i have never seen anything like that. bill: neither have we! martha: my goodness. bill: might be this friendliest croc in the world or has he lost his mind? don't move, you will find out because the videotape continues.
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
>> i'm jenna lee, in with dwreg jarrett in for jon scott and we have a shot show for you, reports about a surge in drone attacks in pakistan, could they try to head off a terror attack on europe and we'll ask that
10:45 am
question. gregg: and the count down is on, five weeks, can you believe it, until the midterm elections? we'll take a much closer look at two key voting groups, women and young people. plus... threats from venezuela, teaming up now, with tehran, is that possible and new leadership in north korea and the nuclear threat there, and, finally, new declassified documents on ufos, jenna, and the high ranking u.s. military personnel, who say, stop your snickering, it is no joke, coming up on happening now. bill: get back to university of texas on the phone with us, a man who runs security on campus, sir, can you hear me okay. >> caller: yes. bill: how are things down there? is there a second suspect on campus? >> caller: right now, actually, we are based out of philadelphia at the national organization, the news we are hearing is that -- pretty much the same we hear from austin, there may be a second suspect but, we'll likely find out in many incidents like this, it will take a while to
10:46 am
get the facts straight while officials on scene mitigate the problem. bill: we are trying to figure out whether or not they have been able to move on that front. and you try and figure out whether or not the library has been searched thoroughly, and it has been, i don't know, 45 minutes and the last word we heard from campus and, we are trying to figure out whether or not they have it resolved and in a situation like this, what do you do? you bring in the s.w.a.t. team? you go room-to-room? and you tell students to take cover. >> caller: absolutely. the key, which it appears ut has done, right now and a brief look at the facts is they were able to provide the lock down and get information out to students. we'll find out in the hours, days and weeks later, how well, they were able to follow that, but it seems to be good so far, and the key is going to also be involving local law enforcement from austin police department as well as texas rangers.
10:47 am
again, as many people on the ground as possible since there is a lock down to make sure the residence halls and the perimeter is secure in case there is another gunman. bill: what is remarkable is how the alerts went out, text message form or e-mail form or the web site for the campus to warn students what is going on, that has been a proactive move, made by just about every school in america. and just looking at the new videotape into us from austin, the first time we have seen this, that is a live picture from ktbc, our fox affiliate out of austin which gave us great information 35 minutes ago, rhonda weldon, came to the microphone and told us as much as she knew and she couldn't answer every question and that is understandable in a situation like this. >> at one point she was asked why do you think that is -- there is a second suspect and she said we have heard that and you might be able to gather from that, witnesses in the library said we thought we saw another person and something to that effect and we are waiting to get more information and something
10:48 am
in her initial analysis of the situation or what she heard on campus, gave them enough credence to the idea there could be a second person out there. that that is what they are -- they have to work under until they rule that out. bill: with that, the s.w.a.t. team rolled in, and, i think our guest makes a great point, you know, the cooperation you get from campus police and the city police of austin, and the state police, texas rangers, they are responding to this and trying to coordinate as best they can between all three agencies. martha: that is a tough situation and, you know, those kids woke up this morning, some of them went to the library and the day turned out to be something different than they imagined and we need to find out more about the young man who apparently committed suicide in the library. bill: those are the facts we have, one guy is dead and apparently committed suicide and there was interaction that took place inside this library and whether or not he fired his gun, just at himself or someone else inside the library, something we don't know. we're watching that story, it is
10:49 am
breaking news here and hopefully things are resolved but we cannot go there, just yet. let's hope we can soon. martha: we'll continue to keep you posted on that unfolding situation and in the meantime nearly every public school in america is facing very tough budget decisions these days. some saying desperate times call for desperate measures, how computers could soon replace a teacher near you, and, this is no joke, it is already happening. bill: also this is no joke, a lighter note, how did bristol the pistol as her mother said, how did she do? another week. >> guess who was in the audience? we'll tell you.
10:50 am
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10:52 am
martha: back to breaking news out of austin texas, this
10:53 am
morning at the universities y o texas, a student at the university joins me now and work at the school newspaper. clare, thank you for speaking with us this morning. i know this is a very scary time for folks there. what are you learning about this and what is it like there, right now? >> caller: hi, martha. well, what we have heard from people on the scene, reporters, texts from friends, is that there was a person, first gunman and he is confirmed dead, shot himself on the 6th floor of the school library. and there is also a second confirmed gunman, they are looking for him but aren't sure where he is and the university has told students to lock the doors and everything. martha: how are you confirming the second gunman, clare. >> caller: the second gunman confirmation is coming from the media from contact. martha: so, right... >> caller: also the university police department.
10:54 am
martha: the university police department confirmed to you, the newspaper there, that there is indeed a second man gun? all right. what are you seeing in terms of a search for the second gunman and what is the lock down situation there? how active is it? is there a sense they are near the person or able... they have him in sight? >> caller: well, i've heard now the second gunman is barricaded by one of the campus buildings and they have the building surrounded. martha: what building. >> caller: calvin. martha: you a are hearing a second gunman is barricaded into calhoun, what kind of building is that. >> caller: academic building. martha: what classes are there and we're looking may want of the perry castaneda library and where is it in relation to that. >> caller: look more west of that, there should be -- like a lawn leading up to the tower, and. martha: we see that on the left. >> caller: the abbreviation is
10:55 am
bal, one of the buildings in that pack of 6. >> have you talked to anybody in the library who identified either the person who shot himself, or, this other shooter, does anybody know who they are. >> caller: i don't think so. it doesn't seem like anyone does know. martha: does anyone know, did they identify them as a student or an outsider? >> caller: i had heard a rumor earlier, i'm not sure, that the -- the truth behind it, that it was a police officer of some sort, maybe -- maybe a police officer. martha: a rumor, we have no confirmation on that and we will hold that question wide open at this moment. talk to me a little bit about what the situation is. i mean, where students are, where people are locked down, because, you know, if there is indeed a second hooter out there, barricaded in a building, is that a building where there would have been students already attending classes and might there be people in that building with him. >> caller: there might be, i spoke to someone earlier who said that police escorted them
10:56 am
out of the building on campus. and so i think that is what they are doing, trying to get people out as safely as they can. martha: and you work for the newspaper at the university of texas. >> caller: yes. martha: thanks for sharing the details and we'll continue to follow this up, a lot of moving parts here. a lot of question out there, still, about this second gunman, and we appreciate, clare, being with us this morning and we'll stay on top of the story because this is unfolding in a way, programs, that is turning into more than we thought. bill: our local fox affiliate, is interviewing a father who has a daughter on campus, and just listening to him, off air, quite emotional now. down there on the campus, in austin. sorry, i wanted you to hear that, our mistake. here what the university said, police are searching for a possible second shooter. locked doors, do not leave your building. let's gets a break, back to the breaking news, right after this. this is the aarp...
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bill: the manny motion tphal with his daughter at the university of texas. roll this and get his reaction. >> apparently the gentleman was behind her, they heard two quick shots. she turned around and panicked, started running. she fell, twisted her ankle, apparently two other people helped her get inside the building. bill: a suicide inside the library. the question is whether there is a sec

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